Outlook Repair Tool

  • Repair lost / deleted emails, journals, contacts, notes and folders on Windows OS.
  • Safely fixes corrupt Outlook mailboxes from Outlook 2000, Outlook 2003, MS Outlook 2007, Outlook 2010 and so on.
  • Repairs password protected PST files from Inbox, Drafts or Sent Items folder.
  • PST files with compressible of High / Best encryption can also be repaired.
  • Acts as Outlook repair tool Windows 7 and 8 too.

Are you among the one to wonder how to repair Outlook files?

Microsoft Outlook is the personal information manager that is available from Microsoft as a part of MS Office suite. The most recent version of Outlook is 2013 for Windows and Microsoft Outlook 2011 for Mac based Operating System. On ground basis it is mainly used as an email application. It also includes other miraculous features like Calendar, Task manager, Contact Manager, Note taking, Journal and Web Browsing. It can work either as-

  • Stand-Alone application or can work with
  • Microsoft Exchange Server and Microsoft Share Point Server.

MS Outlook is more popular among the e-mail clients due to its advanced built-in repair tool called as Scanpst.exe. The Scanpst.exe is also known as Inbox Repair Tool. This application helps to perform the PST repair in the event of about any PST error or PST file corruption and above all we can save and type our emails when we are not connected to internet. Microsoft Outlook files and folders have a signature of .pst.

The most updated version of Outlook has been designed in a way that it can support importing messages from Outlook Express and Lotus Notes, in addition to it, there are also ways to retrieve emails from thunderbird by using certain tool. There is also amazing feature where we can even create reminders of some important business meetings etc. With advent of technology usage of emails have also grown, it has now become the integral part of both personal as well as professional lives. The ability to use it in absence of internet has made MS Outlook popular software across the globe. So far, Microsoft Outlook was launched in market in different versions ranging from 2000, 2003, 2007, 2010 and the most recent 2013 and all these versions have different file size limit. If users delete an important file from their Email Inbox while deleting some unimportant files, it gets dumped into the “Deleted Items” folder. In this case it is easy to restore it back. What if you accidentally erase all files from the “Deleted Items” folder?

Let us now take a scenario into consideration, where we are using Outlook 2000 edition and one of our PST file cross the storage capacity of 2GB. In this type of scenario, when we attempt to open the particular oversized PST file, we may get an error message on our laptop or desktop screen stating that “Properties because of this information service must be defined prior to use.” After the error message is displayed when we try to fix the problem using the Scanpst.exe application it throws another error message stating “An error has occurred which caused the scan to be stopped. No changes happen to be made to the scanned file.” In these case Inbox Repair Tool or Scanpst.exe stops repairing PST files and we keep wondering how to repair Outlook 2007, 2010 files. Fortunately you are lucky enough as now you can repair all your corrupted PST files using this ultimate MS Outlook repair tool. This utility solves your worries on how to repair outlook inbox files.

Few common causes for Outlook PST corruption-

  1. Oversized PST file- PST file usage has a limited usage of 2 GB. When a PST file usage crosses the size of 2GB, then there is always a chance of PST file become corrupted and as a result the data stored into it becomes inaccessible. If you are an Outlook 2007 user and if you ever have come across such clumsy situation then do not panic more on how to repair Outlook PST file 2007 from your personal computer?

  2. Faulty Network Sharing- PST files get damaged when they are shard across network. While sharing them across a network there is a great chance of accidental deletion of PST file content and modification of that content.

  3. PST File Header Corruption- PST file header gets corrupted due to innumerable reasons like-

    • Virus Attack
    • Inappropriate system shutdown
    • Terminating MS Outlook abruptly

    Error Encountered during PST File Compaction- Even PST file may become corrupt due to encountering of an error while PST file compaction process. This situation will lead to loss of important PST emails and other file components.

If any of your PST file or documents refuses to mount due any of the above reasons then you can rely on this robust MS Outlook repair tool.

Advantages of using this Outlook Repair software-

  • This software repairs deleted emails, folders, items, notes, calendars, journals, RSS feeds etc.
  • This unique and robust application efficiently fixes .pst files of all the different editions of Microsoft Outlook and thereby repairs corrupted PST files without modifying them.
  • It also keeps PST files and folders safe from any suspicious virus attack.
  • The main advantage is we can download the trial version of this software free from internet by clicking on this download button.
  • This program has reduced user’s worries a bit on how to repair Outlook 2010 files , folders, drafts, journals, RSS feeds from their Windows OS.

Recent Updates:

How to Repair Outlook 2003 PST File in Windows 7: It is easy now to fix Outlook 2003 in Windows 7 with the aid of Outlook repair software. To know more about this tool and the repairing process, just click on the link: http://www.howtorepairoutlook.com/2003-pst-file-in-windows-7.html

OST Repair Tool for Outlook 2010: Now you can repair your corrupted OST file with the help of this prominent Repair Outlook tool. To know how this amazing tool works, you can continue reading this page.

Guidelines on how to repair Outlook files and folders-

  1. User must first download and install this software on their Windows based OS.
  2. Main Screen

  3. Later they should launch the program and select the corrupt PST file that they wants to repair by clicking on the “Browse” option and proceed further.
  4.  Second Screen

  5. In the next new window user needs to select the appropriate scanning method and the destination location for the new PST file.
  6. Scan

  7. User can then preview the repaired files and folders by selecting the “Preview” option after the scan is over and later if satisfied they can save the repaired files.
  8. Preview and Save

Does and Don’ts after corruption of the PST file-

Once there is loss of emails form outlook Inbox folder or there is corruption of any attributes like tasks, calendar etc, it is advised to user to stop working in MS Outlook immediately and run Scanpst.exe tool. If the Scanpst fails to repair the missing or damaged file it is highly recomended to install a good relaiable and efficient Outlook PST repair tool

At the same time it wil be a smart move to keep a backup of all important files and documents.